Case Studies

Rocco - English Bulldog

Problems - Itching, fur loss, scabbing of skin

Rocco's Owner came to me after trying so many new foods, supplements and elimination diets. He was underweight with extreme itching, scabs, red inflamed skin and fur loss. We moved Rocco on to a single protein diet with additions and avoided wormers and flex and tick treatments. It didn't seem enough to subside the itching much and with environment allergies also present we made the decision to get a full intolerance panel done. Once we received the results we could make a full plan for Rocco to improve his immunity and feed him a complete and balanced diet. 4 months later we have seen so much change

Loki - Adult Male Doberman

Problems - Sever IBS issues with extreme weight loss.

I remember the call with Loki's owner like it was yesterday, it broke my heart to hear how helpless she felt and to see how ill and emaciated Loki had become. They had tried everything. Unfortunately, a series of wormers, antibiotics and different diets had ravaged his gut. "Sally saved Loki's life...Loki was sick, verging on emaciation and not absorbing any food he was eating. Constant diarrhoea since 8 weeks old. He couldn't even hold his head up from exhaustion by the time he was 1 years old. my boy was fading away before my eyes and the vets had no idea. Putting my trust in Sally was hard but I has no other choice. It was the best thing I have ever done. Loki is now thriving and health and gaining weight everyday. No amount of thanks will ever be enough. Our Hero." With some simple diet changes, slow transitions and full support Loki started gaining weight slowly, his every levels returned, we had no further bouts of IBS and it makes me so happy to see what an amazing health dog he is today.

Loki 1
Loki 2
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