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Sally Barker

Animal Wellness and Dietary Consultant

Sally has been running The Canine Dietitian Since 2021 and has helped hundred of dog’s with a variety of health problems through wellness and nutritional changes. “I started in the pet treat industry a year prior to this and realised I wanted to give back more to dog’s and their owners.  In a world governed by social media I want to cut through the opinions and give science backed advice to my clients”



Sally has been wonderful at helping me to wrap my head around DIY for small dogs and keeping it all balanced (whilst still treating when training). I have recommended her to anyone that is considering going DIY or just to balance out their dog's current diet!
Lucy and Mabel the Dachshund
Excellent! Sally is really lovely and the diet plan given to us is really working! Aurora has pancreatitis and was loosing weight all the time. Now she has stopped loosing and is gradually gaining again!
Hannah and Aurora
We were referred to Sally and found our consultation very useful indeed. We feed our Husky Raw and really wanted to know we were on the right track as well as what we were not doing. Sally pointed out many things we could potentially do better and helped us come up with a plan of action that will keep our Loki happy and healthy!
Prabs and Loki the Husky

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We have had our website completely revamped. Booking system to make things easier when it comes to helping you and your dog get the best start in life.

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