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Boosting Your Dog’s Kibble – 2 Easy Ways

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Benefits of Adding Fresh Food

Are you new to fresh feeding and don’t know where to start?  Simply making a few additions daily to your dog’s existing kibble can all help benefit your pup in the long run.  Fresh food has so many amazing nutrition benefits for your dog including; increasing levels of antioxidants, creating variety and giving them an eating experience through different textures and temperatures.  Scientific studies have been carried out to show that, biologically appropriate food can help slow down disease and boost immunity.

The Daily Add in Method

This is a great approach if you have one dog or tiny-small dogs. You can add in fresh ingredients from your own cupboard or food such as;

  • Small amounts of fresh veggies and fruits
  • Fresh herbs
  • Bone broth or another liquid such as goats milk (see my post on making herbal teas for dogs) adding extra hydration to your dog’s daily diet is going to be hugely beneficial
  • Small amounts of oily fish once – twice a week think tinned sardines, cooked mackerel etc.
  • Poached or soft boiled eggs (easier to cut and portion over a few days)
  • Cottage cheese/Goats Yogurt

Remember that you are adding extra calories so it’s important to only add in small amounts of fresh food and replace a small amount of kibble when you do this. Check out this calorie calculator to see how many calories are in your dog’s kibble

The Cook Weekly Approach – Replacing Kibble

This is a great method to follow if you fancy cooking your dog 1 fully fresh meal a week, maybe on a weekend when you have more time to focus on feeding.  Adding in cooked food (especially warm) to your dog’s kibble can help encourage eaters who are not so enthusiastic. Here’s some Ideas for cooked fresh meals;

  • Low fat turkey mince, white fish, a small amount of salmon, goats yogurt, flaxseed, kale, ¼ – whole soft boiled egg
  • Beef mince, sardines, pan fried mushrooms (yes dogs can eat mushrooms) goats’ milk
  • 5% fat pork mince, steamed carrots, fennel seeds, sardines, 1/2 boiled egg
  • Lamb chunks, mackerel, green beans, turmeric and sweet potato

Things you will need when cooking for your dog;

  • Good large crock pot
  • Weighing scales
  • Pots for freezing
  • Pan Steamer (not essential)

Remember cooking and adding fresh should be fun so don’t over think it but there are some things to consider.

  • DON’T cook in oil – too many extra calories added in here and not essential.
  • Steam/cook your veg to ensure maximum nutrient absorption. Most Veggies have a layer of cellulose that dog’s are unable to digest effectgively (think pieces of carrot in the poo when fed raw) Cooking breaks this down and helps digestion.
  •  Gentle cook any meat over a low heat with a little water – add the cooking liquid as well when finished.

When following the cook weekly it’s important that we don’t feed too much or too little.  Knowing your dog’s calorie intake is important and whether they are in an optimum body condition.  Alternatively make a batch of one of the below and add a small amount as a kibble topper daily.  They will all freeze well This way you always have something fresh on hand to add to their bowl.

Get Creative

Remember, your dog is an individual in every way.  What suits another dog might not suit them.  You know your dog best, read their cues and enjoy finding out what they love to eat. Exploring new fresh foods you can offer will only enrich their lives.

Got the adding fresh bug?  Book a recipe formulation today to switch over to a full fresh diet. Book Below

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  1. My dogs absolutely love it when I add soft boiled egg or fish oil to their kibble. One of my parent’s dogs is so picky she won’t even eat her food if we don’t add pieces of fish or fish oil!

    1. What the fish oil – I will be doing a blog post about why it’s not great – try replacing with a little bit of sardines instead but great work :-)

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