Enhanced Adult Dog Nutrition Consultation


Check below if this nutrition and wellness consultation would suit your dog;

  • Dogs with skin issues/itching/impacted anal glands
  • Intolerances/Allergies
  • IBS/IBD problems
  • Dogs with Kidney problems, Cystine, struvite stones or CKD level 1-2

What is included;

  • 45 minute Zoom consultation
  • Full written follow-up proposal to include diet changes, advice on supplementation, and any other
    amendments discussed.
  • 1 cooked recipe formulated to FEDIAF/AFFCO guidelines
  • Blood test analysis
  • 8 weeks full email support

(This consult is not for a medical diagnosis, I am not a vet and cannot diagnose medical conditions or offer advice on prescription medication)

Dog Nutrition consult for adult dogs that need a little extra TLC


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